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water in oil


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Hey guy's I'm picking up an engine I could buy cheap after this weekend but I wanted to check something first.

I bought a shortblock earlier and I need this engine I'm picking up to interchange the parts to the shortengine I already have but...

The owner said he's selling this engine because there is water found in the oil. I assume this is because of a blown head gasket but I'm not an expert. Could there be other, more severe, things that could cause this.

I just nead the engine for the heads, sump, manifold injection and all other stuff but the bottom end.

Thanks !


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How good is the block you will be using? Biggest problem with 3.9, 4.2 & 4.6 is the liners leaking due to stress cracks in the block. If the 'new' block does not have 'top hat' liners then this will be an issue at some stage if not immediately. If you are on a tight budget then be careful what you buy, if you can afford a good engine go and see the nice people at Turner Engineering but take your wallet..................

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250 euro's for the engine. I think I'll still buy it and use it for the clutch, injection, covers and ancillaries and maybe some other spare parts.

I had an offer for two heads for 100 euro's that has one broken bolt in one of them.

the "new" block is one that came out of a car that only had 500 miles on it so almost new.

why do heads actually crack?

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you might find its just a damaged liner in this cheap engine, and the heads are fine... Might be worth a punt if you need other bits anyway...

Heads usually crack due to thermal stresses such like being overheated, or being torqued down incorrectly when having been refitted.

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