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Hydraulic Winch Options

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Hi All,

I am in the process of now changing the front end, making a new High(er) Level Winch Bumper etc, and looked

at the winch on there at the mo - it is basically F HUGE :huh: and I have looked thought and measured and Yes

I can lift it up / gain more approach, but it still will stick out a fair bit as the WxD is around 9.5 inches !

SO, I have looked at Options, the great thing about what I have is its power and its built like a B***k ****house :),

but I was wondering what my other options could be, a Type R is well up the list, but was wondering what else

maybe I could / should consider ?...

Links / websites pics would be good, around the Type R size, maybe a tad bigger, but too big then I may as well

stay as I am now, would also like a larger amount of rope on drum type winch, I run a Hydro PTO (H14W) with

2 braid 1/2 BSP Pipework throughout with 1" BSP pipe feed from tank, and have twin spool valves as I have the

PTO'd MM with High pressure motor on the rear

So, other than a Type R any ideas ??


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I'm sure i've seen a hydro conversion on an 8274 winch somewhere... it would tick a lot of your boxes (strong/fast/can extend drum for extra rope) might be worth a google search?

With your machining/fab skills maybe creating your own hydro conversion might be an option?

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If i remember right the G-Wagen winch was an electro-Hydraulic hybrid, that switched the hydro motor in when the current draw got too high on the 'lecky motor..

I'm sure i've seen a full hydraulic 8274 on an Aussie website/magazine?

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Dont mess about this is the future



Bomb proof,and have proved very reliable and powerfull,

Me and saley built the prototype to overcome all the bad bits on a type R, Like rubbish bearings, no proper free spool, issues of bunching etc, The free spool on this winch is unreal, no effort needed to get rope out fast, ask anyone who has one, they speak for themself,


Ps, They are grey now not yellow,

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Are they the same footprint as an 8274?

Yes in standard form they will fit as a direct replacment in a 8274 mount and they have a long drum version, also alloy hawses to suite,For all specs you need to talk to saley he can tell you in more detail,


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