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I need to put this,


onto this:


Now don't panic! The roof rack and snorkle have been removed and everything is ready to go. Only problem is I have just two arms and legs and I think I need more like six or maybe eight of each :lol::lol: . To make matters worse they need to be at the four corners of the truck too so no octopi (or Octopuses for the technically fussy) need apply :lol: .

So, are there any fine folk around over the weekend within spitting distance of Weston-super-Mare who could spare an hour or so to help me out?

If you time it right there could be pizza in the oven... ;)

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Well, 'tis done. Sunday saw my knights in shining armour turn up and in no time at all we had a result. No drama's no calamities (well other than Turbocharger trying to walk over the roof carrying the cage and I quote - "oh, is that a sun roof?".) :huh::D :D




On Monday I welded in the rear bar. Just got to dress the welds and paint when dry enough:



Huge thanks to John, Dave, Andy and Chris for giving up their time to help and for the hours of p!ss taking. :D I scrubbed my forehead for hours but couldn't get the "please take the mickey out of me constantly" off :P . I know how Al feels now, and it wasn't even Tuesday!!

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Y'know, I reckon that's going to whistle at speed.

I have a two-page thread that says I'm right :P

No - you have a two page thread saying people walk on THEIR roofs. Not a two page thread saying they walk on other people's roofs. :P:P:P:P:P:P:P:P

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