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Pics / Diagrams of LR 8274 Mounting from 80s

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Hi All,

There used to be a Winch mount which LR made (or sold) which bolted with an 8274

directly onto a 90 From memory no "Wings" and it may even have used the std bumper

Anyone go pics, dimensions, diagrams of what I am on about please ?

Or better have one and can take some pics,

Sort of Flat on the front with angles on the edges going back to side pieces and then

had 2x flats with the bolt holes in often they were also Galvanised if that rings any bells ?

Nige :huh:

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I had one on my old red 90 before I saw the light :)



I am pretty sure that it only bolted to the four bumper bolts though, so not ideal though I never had a problem with anything bending, having said that the 8274 was one of the old ones with the little motor and not in the first flush of youth. It bolts to the original front bumper but you have to chop the centre section out of the bumper (top and front only, the bottom of the bumper stays IIRC)

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Nige - just buy the D44 one. I know it's a tad thin for you at only 8mm but it isn't expensive and will save you a few hours of fab!

When I said specialist, should I have added cheque book bolt on specialist?


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