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Parabolics and shock absorbers


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Hi all,

The right hand side front leaf springs on my 1982 SIII 88" have just gone so its time to think about replacing them with parabolics and new shocks for better ride comfort. I am unsure if my car is ex military or not, its painted military OD with Sand a few coats underneath but is there any way of telling particularly?

Here is a picture:


First up the parabolics I was thinking of getting are here and I was going to combine them with some Pro Comp ES3000's from here or here as I don't off road seriously enough to warrant the 9000's (unless it is worth buying them anyway?). Anyway, my main question is what does the selectable box on the explorer comp website with "standard or lifted suspension" mean exactly? As I am unsure about my landy being a genuine military model from my reading this could make a difference when trying to fit the shocks. Any body got any idea whether my landy genuinely is ex mod?

Thanks guys,


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It's a civilian spec vehicle. the give aways are the side lights and indicators, the side-fill fuel tank, the tapered rear cross momber and the standard bonnet sparte wheel clamps instead of straps.

However, even MoD 88s had standard suspesion height.

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i think standard and lifted apply to the springs, i.e. whether you want springs that will provide a standard ride height or ones that will give it a slight raise.

Go for standard height, lifted gives problems with props binding, ask me how i know :rolleyes:


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