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Recentlty picked up some replacement series wings and I am about to start the process of repainting them to match the rest of my vehicle.

Question is do I have to take the paint off down to the metal or will I be able to get away with flatting off the existing paint, then making good before repainting.

Can anyone recommend a primer that will work with the existing paint, factory applied, so I can avoid any orange peel effects?

I have heard of people using a foam type radiator roller to apply the paint can anyone confirm that this is a sucessful method?

Many thanks


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Try the Land Rover Orphanage for standard land rover colours. They do a line of spray tins that do a good job.


As with everything preparation preparation preparation – to get the best finish preparation is everything.

You don't necessarily have to strip the existing paint back though you will run the risk of a reaction which would require you having to strip it back. If you want to try and spray onto the existing paint then try a test area first just to make sure.

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Thanks guys for the Barcote recommendation, unfortunately I don't have my own spray gun/compressor and the manufacturer recommends it is applied by spray only.

Has anyone tried applying Barcote primer by roller or brush?



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orange peel is removed as scube says by preparation. i prepare yachts for painting and thats a far finer finnish then any landy needs.

my advice is in the paper, use nothing greater in size then say 180 or even 220.(no need to use wet and dry)

if your really keen to iliminate any sign of orange peel then have at torch at hand or do this job under very good light thats the key!!

no other way to really check the surface. heres one i painted earlier: http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3536/319652..._2a4b6a0ec0.jpg

the secret to painting an even coat is keeping the jet an even distance from the works surface.not a sweeping motion in a curve .

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I have painted a few bit on me S3. Bought the paint from paddocks (they got all land rover colours) rub the pannel down wit a scotch brite and get out a brush. I was most supprised with the finish seeing as I guessed the amount of thinners to paint ratio and didnt leave the shine in the tin!

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