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Clutch fork broken?...


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Driving my 300tdi manual home last night, the clutch pedal dropped about a third, then next pump, it dropped another third, and after another pump, ended up on the floor, leaving me unable to disengage the clutch.

Some clever (but probably more lucky) clutchless changes got me home.

I've taken the master cylinder and slave cylinders off. They don't show any signs of leaking.

The push rod that sits between the slave cylinder and clutch fork seems to be too far in to be able to pushed by the slave cylinder (which has a fairly deep recess for the rod to sit in).

If i pull the push rod out as much as possible (away from the clutch fork), it's level with the face of the bellhousing the slave cylinder mates up to.

Should the push rod stick an inch or so out of the hole usually covered by the slave cylinder?

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If the slave cylinder pushrod that acts on the clutch fork will only come out as far as level with face of the bell housing, then you have a very knackerd clutch fork....

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