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AWDC Howlinwolf Clyro round 3

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yep cant wait. we couldnt make round 2 so need to make the most of this one.

As we are very professional we havant touched the truck since we rolled it off the trailer after round 1.

So usual form we will panic and flap next week probably make some last minute modifications before we head of to Wales.


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I am ready, recce'd the site last weekend, love it. We have got some good things planned.

We can have one official fire - but last time you p*ss*d off to the pub/karaoke/strip bar and missed it.

Catering will be provided by the excellent Angus Bill - as per Corwen last year.

I have spoken to Matt, but apparently you lot trashed the trees so a revisit is questionable.

Camping, just turn up, but entering the event would be a help!!

See you there.

Hi Neil,

Can we have a fire and will there be a butty van on site in morning :)

Is everyone ready?

PS. have you spoke to Matt, that site is super you need to have a look ;)

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We can have one official fire - but last time you p*ss*d off to the pub/karaoke/strip bar and missed it.

Don't think there will be any shearing going on that time of night :) :) :)

when is it BTW? only 15 miles from Clyro, would make a nice trip out

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I'm tucked up in the bridal suite with wifey, the lads in the tent SOBER please, no cheating Saley and nobbling me co-driver, as if you would.

Makes a change from you going to those GAY hostels :ph34r:

Your Tom nobbles himself without my help :P

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Entry list for next weekend's event

Number Driver Co-Driver Vehicle Class

2 Richard Nicolson TBC Land Rover 90 2

4 Alastair David Philip David Range Rover Hybrid 1

6 Nick Watts James Trembath Special Special 2

7 John Sales Carl Hurst Land Rover Hybrid 1

8 Rob Tunnah Jamie Lewis ART Mitsimog 1

10 Gary Zoller Jon Norman Land Rover 90 2

11 Philon Parpottas Alex Parpottas Land Rover 90 2

15 Peter Jackson Richard Norris Range Rover 2

19 John Fair Robert Jones Land Rover Discovery 2

21 Jason Morgan Nathan Morgan Suzuki Samurai 3

22 Chris Booth Thomas Booth Land Rover Series II 1

24 Jonathan Smith Alan Webb Land Rover 90 3

25 Rob Butler Jack Dolan Suzuki Samurai 3

27 Glynn Yates Richard Weatherly Land Rover 90 2

29 Kevin Pocock Adrian Turner Range Rover 1

32 Bruce Gould Andy Wilkinson Land Rover Defender 2

33 Ian Corfield Emma Corfield Land Rover 90 3

36 Austin Jewitt Marc Dyer Land Rover 90 2

40 Bert Smith Dan Smith Land Rover 90 2

41 Bob Smith Ian Moulsdale Land Rover Hybrid 3

42 Sam Coulton Matthew Martin Land Rover 90 3

43 Andrew Woodhouse Mark Whetton Land Rover 90 2

44 Tim Burt Jake Lloyd Land Rover 90 3

46 Jeremy Hunt Chris Guy Suzuki SJ410 2

47 John Barrie Gee TBA Range Rover 3

49 Mark Burfitt Will Hall Suzuki SJ 2

50 Dan Elias Will Warne Land Rover 90 2

52 Scott Benwell Chris Rice Range Rover 2

53 Steven Bennett Stephen Hoole Land Rover 90 2

56 Ricky Lewis Jennifer Playford Land Rover 3

57 Jonathan Bird Charlie Dunn Suzuki SJ410 3

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Only when your snooping around mr gittins, Are you there on saturday steve,Got some bits for you to pick up,


I was thinking the same


Oi you two! :angry: Actually your probably quite right! :unsure:

Yea, got a suit fitting Sat but should be there after that and most of Sunday.

See you all soon!

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Hope you all have a great weekend... Hopefully it won't do what it's doing here at the moment, rain.... :/

That will Learn you for running of to the USA don't bring swine-flu back matey! :P


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