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What Oil for scorpion Rear Extreme kit shocks?

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Or, trying to be constructive, I'd have a look at the world of motorcycles. It is rather a long time since I was up on bikes but I'm aware that there are a number of specialists who rebuild motorcycle shock absorbers so google should help you to contact one of them. And in my day as a biker we used to replace the ATF in motorbike forks with Bel Ray fork oil which was obtainable in a range of viscosities (which suggests you'll need to know what the original was).

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IIRC the Scrapiron ones were Oram from Italy, weren't they ?

If so, these are based on Ohlins dampers, so check the specs in the chart below.

A lot of car dampers generally use something around the SAE 5wt range in damper fluids. (Koni, etc)

Unfortunately this covers a hell of a range of actual kinematic viscosities !

IMO the 'best' damper fluids are generally Silkolene RSF, (Penske use this) Motul Factory Line, Torco RFF, (Fox and King use this) Redline or a little known one from the US called Primus Racing shock fluid that has the highest VI of any fluid I've seen. It's ideal if you are running a Dakar and regularly cook your damper fluid

This is the most complete list of damper fluids I know of.


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