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1996 LHD 300Tdi injection pump

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posted on Richards behalf, by your forum Moderator.

I'm new to the Forum, and basically joined on behalf of an Ukrainian LR nutcase who's in my family (but whose English is bad).

I don't want to post a question and look like an idiot, or waste anybody's time. Or mess the forum up.

Re 1996 LHD Defender, 300tdi

Fuel Injection pump broken. Part removed was ERR4419.

I posted on "find a part" and got a reply from CW4x4

Richard Scribens

They sold me a second hand one, and then said - the number may be different... This worries me.

They said any one starting with 44 is ok and interchangeable.

Part yet to arrive.

Do you know if this is true?

I notice that ERR4419 is not EGR. But ERR4046 - which I have a feeling they may have sent me - is, and "no immobiliser".

Would this cause a fitting problem? Or other prob.?




a bit.

But I am a church organist, not a mechanic!

Sorry for such a long opening message!


can anyone advise Please :D

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I am reasonably sure that it won't matter, as the EGR bit just bolts to the top of the throttle spindle and has it's own connector. I have used an EGR pump (with the EGR removed) when I converted mine from EDC, from memory all the 300TDI pumps are physically interchangeable although obviously the EDC one won't work with out the rest of the system.

As long as the stop solenoid is supplied with a 12v ignition controlled supply (one that is not effected by cranking) then the lack of immobiliser shouldn't matter either.

Hope this helps


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The part from CWS4x4 arrived.

No ERR number but has

1 465 530 724 which I presume is the Bosch number.

What ERR part number this is - I have no idea!

I know that the Bosch number for ERR4419 is 0 460 414 098

as that is on the part which was taken off, along with ERR 4419.

CWS4x4 said they were supplying me with a 4419.

All I mentioned in my request for a part was 300Tdi and ERR4419

It has been suggested to me that

1. The ERR4046 has a "fly by wire" (electronically controlled) throttle, and that it does not therefore have a throttle connection.

2. The ERR4419 is not fly by wire, and that the two are NOT compatible.

As I have to take the right part to Ukraine, will this part I've been sent work?!

Any advice very welcome. Thanks.

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Thank you for your greeting, Sir!

Does anybody know if Bosch part no.

1 465 530 724

is indeed compatible, and will work in a 300Tdi non EGR?

Or has somebody played a joke on me for 200 quid?!

My searches with this part number only come up with Fiats, Peugeots.

eg. Fiat Ducato 1.9D

Fiat Punto


Here in a Ford Transit in Istanbul!


(the picture looks identical to the "Land Rover 1996 300TDi" part they sent me, as the part is identified with a sticker).

In a Peugeot 306 D


Anybody please know of this part being a recognised Land Rover pump?!

Also - back to the main topic - anybody know if ERR4046 is indeed for "fly by wire" only?

Am I best to stick to finding a "real" ERR4419 / 0460414098

R 509

(Yes - R509, as mentioned by our esteemed Moderator) ?

Here is a photo of the ERR4419 showing the Bosch number correctly, and R509 as mentioned by the Moderator.


And here a photo of the Bosch pump I was sent


I think they are seriously different. ?!

Or am I being naive?

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Ok, I know these are not the best photo's but:-

This shows the top of an EDC/Flybywire pump. this will physically fit but will not work with a non EDC engine.


This shows the top of a Non EDC pump that had EGR but no immobiliser. This pump was supplied by CWS4x4.


I will go and see if I can find any part numbers on my pump.


Editted to add. The pump I have on mine also has 1 465 530 724 part number on the boost diaphram housing and I couldn't find an ERR number.


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Many many thanks for your help and time.

CWS said that they can only confirm what pump I have after I open the box.

Well - I opened the box, and.. they still haven't told me!

At least we now know that a 4046 pump won't work in place of a 4419, but the opposite is possible.

Also that the 4046 shares a diaphragm with other pumps.

The pump I got: The plate where you normally see numbers - markings pretty much erased. BUT with the help of a retired 90 year old next door, and his magnifying glass, in the afternoon sunlight, I can just about make out a 098!!!!

It seems to have a manual control throttle - and is labelled as coming from a 96 300Tdi.

So. On the balance of probability, I think this pump will be making the trip to Ukraine!

Thank you all, once again.

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