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And Another Air-Con Question!

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Hi all, I'm in the process of fitting an intercooler to my 1987 200TDi (Def spec) 110. The intercooler is a snug fit to say the least. I'm aware that air-con grilles stand a little further forward of the wings, to allow for the air-con fans to be in place. This sounds like a good move to help with my install.

Problem I have is that I've never actually seen an air-con Def, or know anyone who has one, so I've nothing to go by.

I expect the front panel would be replaced and the standard grille just refits into the new front panel. Is this the case?

Does anyone have pictures of an air-con grille fitted (just so I actually know what it looks like), know how much extra space it gives or have part numbers/diagrams of the air-con grille and front panel?

Long request, but I'd rather know if it would be practical than just go and buy one and find it to be of little use.



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As it happens I just bought an aircon front panel and have both a standard one and an aircon one sat in the garage... I can measure them if it will help.

The grill is the same on both but the grill attaches using plastic pegs rather than screws. The aircon panel is GRP rather than metal which I assume is why it uses plastic pegs to attach the grill.

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The aircon version is 50mm deeper than the standard one, you'll get slightly less than that on the inside as the aircon one is thicker material than the original so you'll lose a few mm.

Here's a pic of the two together....


The standard one on the left is now for sale if anyone's interested.

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