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v8 fuel pump

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hi will this pump supply my efi v8 ok it will be gravity fed from the tank and need to pump about 2.5 m, from what i can see it should work but any opinions welcome

cheers tim

sorry had to do it like this as couldnt get a link to work

V8 EFI Bosch type 4FP fuel pump


Bosch type 4FP V8 Fuel pump

Fuel Injected with universal push on electrical connectors

rated @ 2.54 KGF / cm3 36.25 lbs / square inch or 2.5 bar at that pressure it flows 150 litres or 33 gallons per hour

Supersedes Lucas 4FP Type fuel pump PRC 6242 Outlet 7.7mm - 12mm inlet

Will fit:

Jaguar 74-89






Opel Senator 88-90

Porsche 74-77

VW truck 75-92

and many more V8 fuel injected engines

Tested and primed complete with sealed transportation caps, a pre filter is advised to prevent premature failure

99% of failures are due to foreign bodies entering the pump, Brand new pumps, premium quality, superior lifetime performance

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Hot wire and flapper efi systems peak at 36 psi, so it may be on the limit pressure wise, flow rate seems fine. TBH it will probably work fine and it's certainly worth a punt at that money. T a pressure guage into the fuel rail and see what it shows whilst driving.

Pressure should drop to about 25psi on part throttle and peak at 36psi full bore.

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