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Nice sunny day today.....got both new outriggers welded and bolted in position...Looks good.

Drivers door has always been a git to close until now but the other door will not shut at all it fitted during alignment!

Is there anyway I can compensate with the hinges as the outriggers are welded solid and will not come off if that is the problem :unsure: ?

Got a Bearmach rear crossmember the other day and I have to say the service was fantastic they didnt even charge me for delivery as they said they were going to be out my way anyway!!!! So in future any parts I get are coming from Bearmach...Well done. The crossmember was good to :) .

Cheers All


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try adjusting the bulkhead lower bolt with washer between the outrigger & bulkhead to move the bulkhead forward to make the door apeture bigger, the hinges have a limited amount of adjustment but only on the bulkhead pillar.

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