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Classic ZF-4 Auto selector detent shaft stuck

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My auto selector detent is stuck, does anyone know how the lever selector mechanism is supposed to work?

I assume there is a spring somewhere to return the shaft once the detent button is released. I suspect I may have broken it when I was reassembling and overtightened the hex nut at the top. Mine is VIN JA - without the interlock microswitches ?? Parts and service manual don't provide much info as to how the thing is meant to function. Someome must know??

At present I can pull the selector from P through to 3 via reverse !! Think this is recipe for trouble on the road.

Thanks in anticipation.

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Is the "C" clip still on the top of the shaft? Take the top of the gear stick and have a look....

If it comes off then the "trigger" (under the handle) doesn't do anything and the gear stick stays locked in position.

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Think the problem is that the stick can be moved throughout the range without having to lift the handle, the circlip missing would leave it locked in position as you say.

If I overtighten the nut on mine it nips the shaft which then stays in the up position stopping the locks working.

There is a spring in the setup but I'm not sure where it goes as mine had had a short spring put on top of the shaft against the circlip with the other end of the spring held in place by the clip-on top of the selector. This had been done before I bought it but it works fine so I see no reason to change it - esp as I can't see where the proper spring is supposed to go!

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I too have had problems with the nut being over tight but this was not the whole problem.

I took the whole shifter out and onto the bench and stripped it down.

The result was to find the shifter tube was bent which jammed the shaft running up inside it to the release handle. I was able to very carefully straighten both the tube and the shaft.

I think I also fitted a washer to the top of the tube to stop the handle going too far down the tube when you tighten the nut.


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Thanks for the replies, I have sorted the problem, removed selector shaft and discovered problem was a piece of plastic from the detent handle had been forced (by my overtightening) down the gap between the outer tube and inner shaft. When I got it removed the shaft moved freely.

The various comments re additional washers etc are very helpful and I will probably adopt / adapt some of them when doing the final reassembly.

Thanks to all - gave me the confidence to keep going

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