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Locking wheel nuts


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The Freelander from hell came fitted with locking wheel nuts when I bought it. Trouble is, it did not come with a key. :( They were the cylindrical type with two semi-cylindrical grooves cut into them. The key being female with bits sticking out of the inside to locate and turn the nuts. I will not say how I did it (Although I can not imagine I would be able to teach a theif anything) but it took about 10 seconds to remove each nut using only the tools that I usually carry. Not so secure were they? I have fitted the cheapest ones I could buy as replacements but, assuming you wanted to secure your wheels (Simex on Matt Lees are not cheap!), what would you reccomend - short of chainging them on when you leave the car?


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There's no point in locking wheel nuts these days, there's a perfectly legal kit available in the UK that allows for the nuts to be removed in a few seconds, used by the likes of the AA, the police services for clearing RTA's, oh, and Johnie Robber can buy them as well so every thieving pikie has one of these kits now.

Answer; those flaming traps from under the siles from South Africa look good :D:lol:

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A pal of mine lost a set of funky alloys of his "Pimpmobile" BMW in London. They were that keen, they dug the kerbs out to get the nearside wheels off without rocking the car. :o They managed to do it without setting off the alarm at all.

When Plod arrived, they pointed out that the thieving gits had the correct BMW security key and had actually left it in one of the nuts on the pavement.

So I tend to agree with Minivin. :(

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Aye if some one is going to go to the trouble of nicking a set of wheels they any locking nuts won't stop them. Wheel theft isn't really an opportunistic crime like smashing a window and grabbing yer handbag, I always lock my handbag in the security cubby :unsure:

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cool Mach5 and Simex on a Feelander

Simex have been available for freelander for years.

195/80/15 (there very very small)

I don't know anyone brave enough to fit them.

I was trying to talk a mate into a set that Devon had on there stand at billing but Simon told us that they would not fit a freelander although that is the factory size for a freelander but Simon would not listen to me.(nothing new there)

Shame I was looking forward to see them on a freelander.

I have Matt Lee alloys for my racer the next ones up from the mach 5's

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