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200dti head and clicking sounds!!!

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i have removed the head for a good service/suspected head gasket failure i had oil puffing out the rocker cover gasket. head has been cleaned up lapped valve in changed valve oil stem seals etc. i put the head back on was checking the gap between the rockers and the top of the valves 0.2mm and im gettting a clicking noice when turning the engine over im pretty shore its when the valves are reseating them selves, ive held the valve spring when the valve is comming back up and its clear the its hitting then reseating.it wasent making any clicking when the engine was running. what to do next??

have the vavle guides replaced or have the vavle seats done (grinded out a little) i only lapped the vavle in with hand tool jobby

+ another thing i havent had the head skimmed (head is back of now) do you thing its worth doing or will new head gasket be ok?

any help would be appreciated

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