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There is no play..can it be the alternator bearing?

Could well be, I had to replace a 300tdi alternator recently for the same reason.

Why not take the fan-belt off and spin the pulleys by hand, you'll soon see then.

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I started the engine for 2 minutes without the belt--no sounds.

When I fited back the belt---again the sound is present.

With the hand I managed to find a play in alternator and the fan bearing what could it be?

All I can say is theat the sound is not a frequent sound,it has no rithm - the sound repeat's n diffrent time.

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Also, spinning by hand has no result,because the bearing hears just when it is forced or tensioned by tensioner with belt. :(:(

Run the engine with the belt fitted, using a long screwdriver, piece of wood or similar device, place it in turn on the water pump housing, alternator body and the belt tensioner. I do not have to tell you to take great care whilst doing this not to get it caught in any moving parts. Whilst the screwdriver or whatever is against each of the 3 items, place it against an ear and if the bearing is worn/noisy the noise will be clearly transmitted through the listening device. This works really well in my experience.

I stress that care has to be taken when doing this but it can be achieved with safety if you're careful.

HTH, Mark.

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