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HD spring issue ...

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I've pulled the shocks, turrets, springs and spring plates off my 90 on both sides to fit my H14 hydraulic winch and bumper (along with Gwyn's turrets etc and OME shocks)

Ages ago, in preparation I bought a pair of HD shocks - NRC9448 and NRC9449.

So I've come to fit them and realised I've been sent two NRC9448's ......

I've got to get the Landy back together by tomorrow at the latest. So I either put them on .... or take a drive out and try and find an NRC9449.

What do you think?

How far out would it be with two NRC9448's on?

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as they are drivers side which is usually the slightly longer spring on the front, reckon it'll be fine

Part # ----Vehicle(s)------ Axle -------------- Length Rate Coils Colour Code

NRC9448 D110 HD, D130 Front drivers side 15.31 225 8 blue/red

NRC9449 D110 HD, D130 Front passenger side 14.80 225 8 yellow/white

from http://members.shaw.ca/jbarge/springinfo.html#OEM

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reckon the weight of the winch & bumper will sort any extra hieght issue, my 110 sits square at the front with a husky & purpose made bumper mount.

only one way to find out, & swapping one spring later isn't the end of the world, it's not that hard.

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