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Need to make up new fuel Lines


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Evening all,

Working on a Project at the moment and have relocated a fuel tank. But now need to plumb in some fresh fuel lines. Looking for advice on the best way and where to source Hose and fitments for the job. What are the required standards for fuel lines and fitment?

The main fuel line runs along the chassis rail and has a "Quick Disconnect" fitting on the end. This allows you to disconnect the fuel tank with relative ease. But unfortunalty the new location for the fuel tank, means extending the lines is going to be neccesary.

Cheers for any advice


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I am looking at new fuel lines for my truck and thought about soft copper, 10 or 12 mm, the type that plumbers use on heating type stuff, easy to bend and a good range of fittings plus push fit type,


Thats what i thought would be the best option, i was looking at the "Microbore" range used in central heating ( http://www.wickes.co.uk/Radiators/Microbor...ube/invt/420700 )

Looked at the Goodridge and Aeroquipe type range, but that gets expensive quickly.

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i've got braided fuel hose which came off a racing boat :)

sorry i'm not much use about where to get it from, but i think it's better than normal hose.


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I have used micro bore in the past and it works fine. One thing to remember as it is pure copper it can suffer from cracking through vibrations, that's why brake pipes are a copper / nickel alloy.


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I was going to go all out copper but Les Henson mentioned cupro nickel (as Chris mentioned).

I wouldnt mind finding out whats best as I have brake pipes and fuel lines to do on my project.

Very interested on the best way to go forward.


G :)

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You could use the microbore copper for the fuel (I have) but you do need to support it every foot so it will not vibrate and fracture.

Do not use copper for brakes. Use cupro nickle or Cunifer. I would also use these for the clutch.


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Bit of lateral thinking I used to use them for stuff when I was into misguided Hot Rods and stupid Cobra kit cars, they do have some really nice stuff along with people like Real Steel for V8 stuff.

Nice to see a complete catalogue available with logical layout etc.

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