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Discovery 1 vented disks


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Good afternoon O Knowledgeable ones

This really isnot a new topic but i did not know how to get . I sent a reply this morning but I can't find it.

What I would like to know is, do vented disks just fit straight on to hub (having changed the caliper) or is there some mod that is neccesary to do with the increased width.

Your help would be appreciated.



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No, changing the caliper is the only other thing you'd need to do - if fitting standard LR vented discs off, say, a deafener. If fitting aftermarket stuff designed to 'replace' the solid discs, you dont even need to change the calipers, but they are naff in many ways so if you're doing it by fitting new calipers and discs to suit thats prolly best.............

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