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I'm making some progress on fitting the winch I bought a while back.

I bought a H14 hydraulic set up from an old utilities 110.


With me needing to fit HD springs I decided I'd do everything at once and fit a Gwyn Lewis front set up, along with cleaning and painting the area with stone chip.

Sadly the days off I took to do it seemed to coincide with absurd amounts of rain....

Here's a pic of the freespool housing fixed - the freespool lever was locked solid when I got it.


Here's a few pics of the winch halves assembled. The freespool seems to not have a full range of motion though .... I'm thinking it might require the winch to be being driven to move properly ....

If its still stiff I'll have to pull it in half again and scratch my head. It was very hard to get the shaft to align with everything - but having done so I can't see what could restrict the movement.... something for later!



Here's the PTO and hydraulic pump fitted.


Here's a shot of the turrets being painted with stone chip on top of an acid etch primer.


Here it is all assembled.


And here is the winch fitted. As per my other post on here - its sitting quite a bit too high at the front. But we'll see how much difference the wire rope makes and how much it settles over the next couple of weeks.




Rear suspension to fit and the rest of the winch .... hopefully in the dry.

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Tidy job, same dampers as me :D the cable will add a bit more weight & hopefully when the rearend is soterd the 90 will sitlevel or slightly nose down.

there's about 1inch difference on my 110 slightly nose down, but looking at it it hard to tell.

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