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sealy pp35 plasma cutter

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any body got one of these ?

been given one to try and get one working , from what iv found on the net it has a thermal cut out that is indicated by a yellow light

found the instructions and it says , if the yellow light illuminates (with out the red light ) its cut out

but this is showing a red light , cant find what this means ?

any one help ? know any tests i can do ?

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Dont own one of that make but usually on a plasma the only light other than the power supply is the low air warning light, could be the solenoid or what controls it or even a simple blockage I would start checking there...

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Did a little checking on the model and I see its an inverter type which could mean bad news (lots of electronics etc to go wrong unlike solid state) but before you give up!

Have you check the condition of the torch consumables? also have you tried to use it ie put the earth clamp on and strike an arc, I say this as some only work when the torch tip is in contact with the work piece others like mine need an 0.5-1mm air gap to work at there best...

Hope this helps good luck!

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