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Right an update on the event now and further to previous posted information both here and on the website post my recce today.


Day - Uplowman - an individual vehicle day - 8 voluntary timed SS's (2 punches in each) plus additional punches.

Night - 2 x Night stages in 2 x Quarrys, likely to involve some limited winching. Course Start times 2000hrs. Course Estimated finish finish 2130hrs. approx 10mins per stage.


Day - Bampton - a team day. you will compete as a team. 5 x SS. Each team to do each Special stage once as a team. Punches within the SS. Teams will be given start times for each stage. Each SS will be timed for the whole team to complete.

Full details of the SS will be emailed out either over the weekend or early next week so you have a chance to gain a full understanding of whats coming and how best to prepare.

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Just a reminder to all competitors that you need to be at the Uplowman site for 0815-0900 scrutineering on Saturday. ( the one exception is your rep from your team (if your sending one) to attend scrutineering who needs to be there for 0800hrs for the brief)

Allow approx 20-30mins to transit between the campsite and Uplowman.

You are advised to leave trailers at the campsite and drive your challenge vehicles to Uplowman (approx 5 miles). For those arriving Saturday or trailing to Uplowman please note the lanes are narrow and you may need to factor in extra time on the journey in case you meet someone!

The trailer field will be signposted at Uplowman - you may need to unload the challenge vehicle to enter the field depending on how much it rains between now and then and your choice of tow vehicle. Please do not block the route to Newhill Fm (he is not the landowner of the site we are using and may not be supportive)

Scrutineering is approx 5mins drive from the grid given for the trailer park and will be signposted down a track.

None 4x4s are to remain in the car/trailer park field.

You are reminded that the security of your vehicles and equipment is your own responsibility. The car/trailer park will not be manned.

Camping field is open from 1600hrs tomorrow (Friday) Portaloos are provided but there are no washing facilities.

You are responsible for making your own way between the sites over the course of the weekend. No further mapping will be provided.

To confirm you are permitted to walk any of the sections Sat Day/ Sat night or Sunday prior to the event starting.

There will be two night stages on Saturday starting at 2000hrs. You will start in the individual running order after Saturdays results. Even nos going to SS2, Odd numbers to SS1. You should have completed both stages by 2200hrs. There may be some winching on each stage depending on vehicle/driver ability. Each stage is approx 350-400m long.

Please note that there have been some minor changes to the SS rules previously emailed out, you are advised to read the rules prior to starting an SS over the course of the 2 days.

SS's on Saturday - you can do them in any order at any time assuming no one else is already on the stage.

All the SS's are voluntary and you should not attempt anything you feel is beyond the ability of yourself or your vehicle.

You will not be permitted to complete any stages if you show signs of having consumed alcohol at the marshalls discretion - please note prior to the night stage!

We look forward to seeing you all tomorrow/Saturday

A note from OEC:

As sponsors of the event you can expect the following:

At the campsite / car park we will erect two (2) marquees.

The marquees from Friday afternoon through to Sunday afternoon.

Both marquees are available to everyone to sit in the dry should it rain and or during Friday and Saturday night.

We will also arrange a generator and lighting for both nights.

We are providing FOC hot beverages all weekend.

On Saturday night we have arranged a HOG ROAST. Please can you ensure to bring the right change with you for buying tickets at scrutineering on Saturday morning.

The first two rolls per person are subsidized by OEC and will cost only 5.00 per person. This includes two HOG rolls and sauces. Thereafter each additional roll is £3.50.

We have amply catered for visitors, marshals and competitors and trust the evening will be enjoyed by all.

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