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What is it worth


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LR 90, 300TDI 1996 N


2 owners


Hard Top

LR Logo seats & cubby box

Jackable sills

QT F&R Diff guards

Steering guard with recovery points

BFG MT 255/85 on silver modulars

A bar & spots

Dixon Bate

12 months MOT - has sailed through last two no problems

Small dent in from wing (from Tony's b'day winch challenge last year)

Chassis regularly waxoiled & bulkhead A1

Am thinking about a trade in with my car on a new car and then just look for a cheap LR for cash, but no real idea what the 90 is worth at the moment.


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The truth is that it worth exactly what somebody else will pay for it. The bits and pieces don't seem to make any difference at all, except that most people would be wary of a Land Rover with too much 'off road' gear (ie. diff guards and jackable sills) in case it has been off roaded too heavily. Have just looked on the autotrader website for vehicles the same-ish and found a few between the £4,500 and £6,000 mark. I would guess that the low £5000's would be about right for that motor. Depressing when you have spent loads on it, but if you want to make more money, return it to absolute standard and sell the bits on e-blag. More people would be interested in straight, shiny vehicles than anything else.

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for Gods sake get rid of it and buy a Discovery again mate, you won'y be happy until you have ;)

Will :)

:P I am happy with it, very happy with it, just want to see if I can get something that will do the same job and free up some needed cash.

Don't worry Charles, with everything I have going on at the minute realistically there is every chance I will be saying about this time next year how pleased I am that it has sailed through yet another MOT B)

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£5 says you wish you never sold it..if you do

it is a superb example of a clean 90

if you do decide to trade it how about some cash + a set of wheels/tyres in exchange for your M/T's and modulars?

easily worth 6k IMHO

Had a chat with the nice man from the mortgage company on Friday sorting out the stuff for the new house, so it has probably got a stay of execution :P

And yes I would regret it, hence why only half hearted effort to replace

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