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Tubular chassis Competition Defender


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Check out the latest creation from D&G 4x4 Tuning!

A Defender built on a tubular chassis, with front and rear 4 link and coil over suspension, Spidertrax Spider 9 axles, 5.3 LS V8 engine, etc.


more details on http://blog.spidertrax.com

P.S. Truck can be seen on our stand at Billing 09!

Will it be supercharged? and rear steer ? with portals in that case I know, who will be the lucky owner :D

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Could do with some back wheels.

Alternatively it could be sporting this year's hot look as previously modelled by Rogue Vogue :P

Tidy build but, out of interest, why keep all the LR panels??? You could loose weight, add strength and keep the look by ditching them....

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normally i love watching buggy builds, brill ideas and fabrication that makes the normal competant welder look like a blind hippo waving a bucket of pidgeon poo about!

But the snorkel tube.......


Ugly horrible bend. Why not just put another nice smooth blue hose on there instead of the ugly welded angled bend?

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are they still using those 5.3 cast iron vortec motors?

Hi Dolly.

I believe it is a 6.0L - 500,horse Iron block with Ally heads.

Told by the boys in the states that an awful lot of ally motors have no bell housing flange any more (if you know what i mean :rolleyes: )


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