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Hi All,

I have blown my 10 spline diff and casing on the rear of my 90, It has a 93 disco axle on it.

I also had the nearside front of the 90 lock up on me and threw me all over the road last week on the way back from Avon Dassett, now the front is still a defender axle which I think the CV has collapsed, I am now looking at options to fix this and I dont know whether to:

Buy a 10 spline Disco or RRC axle for the front, remove the diff in the defender axle (if its ok) and put it in the rear.


Swap to 24 spline axles, I have never twisted a half shaft, but have done a couple of diffs.

IIRC the set up of a 24 spline rear diff is different (doughnut coupling or something)

Any advice !!!

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10 and 24 spline diffs are the same strength give or take.

If you are blowing diffs and not shafts then fit a 4 pin diff or a locker.

If you go this route go 24 spline.

Then uprate your shafts because you'll start blowing them next!!

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Fit a Toyota 8" centre in the Rover housing, or a complete LC 80 Series rear end (yes, I know the stud pattern is different) if you are blowing centres. You will need resplined axles too, obviously, but it works.

A hypoid CWP is much stronger than a spiral bevel diff of the same size.

The other alternative is to fit build a better Rover diff (ARB, Detroit, Quaiffe or 4 pin centre) and 'peg' it. http://www.ashcroft-transmissions.co.uk/part_47.html

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