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It's been a while

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But I am still building my 110... yeah, got the majority of the running gear sorted, just missing, well the other 1/2!

Anyhow, I have a question as im getting confused about speedos.

Fitting a TD5 dash and I have a 1.2 ratio transfer box, what speedo do I need?

will pop a image of the build project at some point.

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Western has a mega thread on here somewhere about fitting a late type speedo. In short though, you could fit either sort i.e. the old cable driven type with an old speedo head, or a Td5 electronic speedo with the sensor on the transfer box, though the later type looks nicer :)

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you will need the speedo drive gear & transducer unit from the Discovery 1.22:1 ratio transfer box, then fit these to the TB you have, the drive gear will correct the speedo.

as a example my 110 is running the 1.41 TB with the blue drive gear frc3310 with 255/85x16 tyres which operates the Td5 transducer & electronic speedo, reads almost spot on according to my gps unit speed reading.

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if you use the disco drive gear you'll get the reading as though you were on disco sized tyres...

this means for 235/85's or 265/75's your speedo will be underreading quite a bit.

You want to use the original defender drive gear, with the transducer for the TD5 speedo.

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