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Slightly Odd Request - Land Rover application


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My 90 project is coming along nicely, I have the chassis and bulkhhead on the axles and now have a rolling chassis.

I keep the chassis in the single garage out of the weather and roll it in/out of the garage when I want to do work on it or use the garage as a workshop.

I have an I beam rawl bolted to the floor and have had an electric hoist secured to it and was using it to pull the rolling chassis in and out of the garage.

This all sounds fine until you hear that I have about a 10/15 degree drive that slopes downwards and a nice supply of tidy cars to stop the chassis going into the neighbours front room if the chassis does a runner :D

Since the electiric hoist packed up I am going to fit a manual boat/trailer winch to pull it in and out of the garage.

My question is what weight rating should I be looking at (is 1200KG sufficient) and what cable size would be best for this application?

I obviously dont want to pay crazy money for this (there are a load of them on ebay) but any recommended suppliers would be appreciated.


G :)

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I would say a Tirfor type winch would be much safer bearing in mind what you said about where the chassis will land up!

Boat trailer winches are mostly built down to a price and don't have a great reputation for reliability - if you look on boating forums there are dozens of stories about winch ratchets failing and dropping RIBs onto slipways with consequent expensive damage. If you use one my suggestion would be to fit a beefy backup rope! A Tirfor type winch is designed for lifting and is inherently safe - depends on what you want to spend but my cheap T-Max one was much less than £200 brand new so I guess Ebay should turn up something at a sensible price.

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I've got a little superwinch X6 on my trailer... bought for 40 quid on ebay :) will pull more than enough for what i need and so much easier than a manual winch :)

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I have used a small 500kg ratchet winch to move my 6x6 up steep hills in the dim and distant past. I also used it to move my 110 V8 up my drive (a similar slope to yours) and it also moved my AEC Matador up it too.

I currently have a range of old worm drive chain winches that are quite good for jobs like that.

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