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Panasonic Toughbooks


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Hi all,

I'm after a Toughbook (no jokes about War and Peace please ;) ) and would like some opinions from those of you that use 'em.

Since I've had no success in enticing one to fall off of the back of the QM's truck, where is the best place to get one? I've seen plenty on eblag, but most of the sellers want to deal outside of the site and I'm not hugely keen to do that...

Also, whats the best one to go for? I need touchscreen, plenty of hard drive space and decent processor speed. Built in floppy/cd/dvd I can do without provided its got USB but a modem would be useful...

Any thoughts?



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The older CF27's which are all over eBay, can only take a hard disc of about 8.5GB, that is all the BIOS will see, and upgrading the BIOS doesn't help.

Touchscreen seems to be an option on some models - so check very carefully

There are two flavours, fully ruggedised ie to Military specification, and merely a bit tougher than regular laptops.

Not too familiar with the later ones, I've got a sub-notebook one, a CF-34M - funky :)

Found this link might help

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