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Mildly OT: Chepstow vintage rally

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I wombled down to Chepstow today to have a poke around some of the old stuff in a field in Wales. Not a large turnout but some really interesting stuff there - Diamond T, Scammell Explorer, plenty of classic cars and a number of stationary engines. One was trailer-mounted, a big lump with a flywheel on the end, spinning pretty quickly but just a quiet clicking noise, nothing more. It was so quiet myself and a mate (a diesel engine designer) couldn't work out whether it was a piston engine or a steam engine - turned out to be a marinised Kelvin sleeve valve petrol engine, obviously.

There was also a 4WD-converted T35 - anything look familiar here?


My mate lives nearby, he has some rims which he found at an autojumble. I think I've asked this before - they're LR stud pattern, but what are the lugs on the bead?


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