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Defender 90 Softtop Conversion

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Hi guys,

I am looking at converting my 1986 90 SW hardtop into a softtop for 'summer'. I know I will need some sort of seat belt rail which I will weld up, but was wondering, will the hood sticks from a Series 3 fit the defender without modification? Also, what about the windscreen top mount from a S3? Will this work with a new defender canvas top?


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There are different types of screen rail and the leading edge of the hood differs to fit the appropriate type of rail.

Take a look at the All Wheel Trim web site, they have some good info on the different types.

S111 sticks could probably be modified, but first thoughts are an S111 is a bit shorter - best to use 90 ones. You will also need the sections that fit over the doors etc. If you can get a roll bar from an ex mod soft top, they have the seat belt mountings attached. they slide into tubes behind the bulkhead so you would need to fabricate these.

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You will need a defnder top of the windscreen and a bits for around the doors (well over the top of the door at least) But the rest can be made up from S3 bits

Have a look here and it will show you the differance between the defender and Series fitting All Wheel trim

As for the seat belts i have an ex army roll bar which comes with the mounts for the seat belts



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Thanks for the response, your 90 looks great by the way reads90. Just to throw a spanner in the works, my 90 has S3 doors, will this make a difference to the door top pieces? They look different on All Wheel Trim....

The doors and series and defenders are the same size so that won't make a differance. The top of the door bits are diffferant on the defender to the series because of the shape of the windscreen and not the doors

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go for it mate, i did mine last year, i got a seat belt bar from ebay there new old land rover parts, looks like a mini roll bar and cost about £90. bolt on the bulkhead behind the seats.

heres mine at the start. i fitted a bikini kit so not a full set of hoop's needed




seat belt bar








i fitted a full tilt for last winter and new wheels and tyres and an internal roll bar




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