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Retrofitting of rear dickie folding seats. Disco 2 1999


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I would welcome some advice from any of you who have done this already or know of a good place to start:

I have a five seater 99 TD5 ES Auto and want to retrofit a sixth folding seat in the boot. I understand that the seven seater series 2 discos went for a bigger seat than the inward facing dickie seats in the seven seater series 1 but, because it will be seldom used, I prefer an inward facing, fold down dickie seat to fit where one of the storage bins currently sits.

Is this possible? Can I fit a series 1 seat or do I need one from a series 2? I know that the flooor plan is the same for a five or seven seater but I dont want to start drilling holes in the boot. It would be nice if they built the frames and body with all the holes but somehow.....

Secondly can anyone recommend a good parts shop or breakers where can I source a seat? I am not a fan of ebay but will if needs be.

Many thanks


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The holes in the bodyshell are probably all there for the D2 type seats but these are forward facing not inward facing seats.

I'm not sure where you will stand fitting inward facing seats to a vehicle which has never had them - IIRC there is now a blanket ban on them (hence the new Puma 90s having forward facing rear seats) but your vehicle will pre-date that.

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