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Landrover 300 Tdi engine tools

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Hi there.

Is there anyone who can give me the dimensions and specs to make up these tools?

They are used to remove the front crankshaft pulley on the 300 Tdi engine.


I did this job recently following : http://forums.lr4x4.com/index.php?showtopic=6943

I can vouch that the trick for the crankshaft bolt of wedging a breaker bar + 27mm socket on the chassis, closing the bonnet, and turning the engine over on the starter motor worked fine. Twice.

About half way down Les' thread is a pic of the removal tool in question.

Les could not get me the dimensions quickly, so I used long M8 bolts, and a piece of bar 8mm thick by 50mm wide that I had handy. I did the job with the radiator out, so cut the bar about half as long again as the pulley diameter, drilled the first hole in the bar and bolted it to the pulley. I then eyed up where the second hole should go, marked it and drilled a hole either side of the mark and filed the holes out to make a slot. The second bolt went straight in with a wide thick washer and it worked a treat.



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I use an old front damper pulley from a 200 tdi/NAD with the outer ring removed and the centre ground down flush with a huge nut welded to the centre hole and a bolt to fit the nut-I've also drilled out the four holes to accept M8 bolts which means that all will line up when your trying to pull the pulley off of the front of either a 200 or even a 300 tdi engine, the bolt's i use are quite high tensile and black in colour too-what you will need though is some kind of bolt to go into the crankshaft thread to protect it as I've used a 300 tdi crankshaft bolt to do the job before as the pulley will slide straight over the bolt in the centre of the pulley when you're using this to get the front pulley damper off



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