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Help with "spare" wiring!

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Hi there,

recently I was fitting wing-top chequer plates. I noticed this wiring just hangin' in the air. Should I be worried?

I had a look at the wiring book I downloaded for 02MY Defenders but couldn't work it out. Thought maybe it was for ABS .. which I don't have so it might make sense if LR had pre-wired for ABS and then install it later if ordered??

Or was it just the LR guys forgetting to connect back after my service?

Any suggestions would be appreciated!

It's a 2003 TD5 110 Utility SW





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probably a spare unused connector, most looms have spare wires, it's easier to build one loom & add the extra parts during the vehicle build, vehicles without air con/abs/traction control just have unconnected wiring in various locations, just tape it up to keep moisture out & secure it out of the way.

I take it everything is working as it should ?

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That's for the dim main beam thingy, that was used for about six months isn't it?

could well be for the dim dip resistor when fitted, the resistor is attached to the rear vertical bit of the inner wing just in front of the plug in the 1st photo.

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