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Bench seat legals (again)

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Hello folks

I am aware of the discussions on insurance/seatbelts/ages for centre facing rear bench seats, but I was wondering if it made any difference when I removed my soft top as there would be very little actually holding passengers in (not that a soft top would). I have the proper mounted bench seats which the insurance company knows of, but how is the police likely to view it? I don't normally carry passengers in the back, but we'll possibly be doing the odd run to the beach if it gets sunny.



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Are you saying that the vehicle has sideways mounted factory fit seats and anchorages...

And you have a soft top which you want to remove.?

Adults are 'OK' to be carried in these seats, but kids under 135cm must have appropriate seat belt/booster/child seat and as far as Im, aware none of these are designed to be sidways facing.

If the seatbelts are maintained and anchorages OK then there is no legal issues IMHO.

Personally I would not now travel in a vehicle with sideways seats and probably little or no back/neck support, I would also not allow any of my family in such a seat.

A trip to the beach can still have traffic accidents and these seats offer little or no protection.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks Nic

The bench seats (2 person) will have been fitted by a previous owner as it was originally a truck cab before the soft top was fitted. I had been meaning to remove them as they never get used, but I thought they may come in handy for the beach run - your safety opinions noted, and respected.

Thanks again


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