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Help with terminology

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I am in the process of 'fixing up' this ancient 2005 Defender 110 we bought last month. There are a number of small things I need, and I will be placing an order with one of the UK parts houses shortly. Not only for 110 parts, but some stuff for our D-90 as well.

Can one of you knowledgeable LR owners tell me the proper name for the little amber plastic lens that goes on this side light? I have no idea what to call it.


Looks like I need to get in there and bang out a dent, as well.

Also, the 110 has folding side steps under each side door. Two of them have these little pieces of support bracket that run from the step to the chassis or frame, to keep the step from flexing when you put weight on it. Two of them do NOT have the brackets, although they are drilled for them to be bolted on. Does anyone know what those brackets are called? I can post a photo if need be.

Thanks for your help, as always.

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The little amber light is called a side repeater. I'm not entirely sure what else you need, because there should be a bulb holder and short length of wiring with it, too... I'm not sure whether you can buy just the lens on it's own...

Try the Part Numbers Request forum and I'm sur Ralph will come up with the correct part numbers...

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