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Hello boys and girls :)

Looking for a little experience based advice here.

I'm currently installing on board air into the camel using a Denso Aircon pump as fitted to the 300TDi. My question is where should I get the air from? I'm toying with the idea of tapping into the crankcase breather pipe and have the aircon pump suck nicely lubricated oily air through itself, thereby keeping the pump lubed up, then through a separator before exiting the tank. But I don't want to start hacking at pipework until I know that this is either a tried and tested method or that someone can tell me definitively that the suction won't collapse the pipe or that the pipe isn't big enough.

I have read Diffs and Les Brockswriteup with interest and Diffs thread does mention using the crank case breather, but no conclusions were drawn about whether or not it was a viable option.

Anybody done this?

Cheers peeps :)


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maybe wrong but i'm sure the suction of the pump would be too much for the crank case breather

i may be corrected by an adult soon tho

you could buy a small tool lubricator that would do the job fine then pop the filter pre tank so your tank doesnt fill up with oil


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I am using the same compressor, but fitted to a serp V8. I'm taking air from behind the brake pedal box. I have a length of 10mm I.D. poly pipe with a small K&N filter on the end.


I also have a home made manifold to replace the standard one as the ports interfered with my oil cooler pipes. Ports were tapped 1/4" BSPT and stainless push fit connections used.


Lubrication is currently limited to the occassional squirt of oil down the inlet pipe. Not had any problems so far, fingers crossed.

Ought to sort out something proper one day though...

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Dan, I've just done the very same on the 110. You might have seen/heard it at Slab when I was playing tyre pressure in the rain before going home. My air is taken from the crank case breather and seems to give no ill effects thus far. There seems to be no discernable vacuum in the rocker cover when it's engaged and the oil filler cap is off. I've put some compressor oil inthrough the hex cap on the top of the pump and the combination seems to be lubeing it pretty well thus far. Any questions just ask.

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Cheers for the input chaps :)

Mickey, I like your manifold... think I may see if can get something similar machined up when we get back from Russia, but as time isn't on our side I'm just gonna go with some jubilee clips and randon bits of pipe hacked out of my central heating system (summer's coming, shouldn't need it for a few days!!) :lol:

Jason, Thanks for the insight... good to know that what you have done is having no ill effects. I think I'll be taking a stanley knife to my pipes tomorrow night! :o<_<

Dan :)

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Perhaps obvious to you guys.......... but I fell foul to having the air inlet for the pump in the engine bay (not the engine)

add the waterproofing of megasquirt........ me happily showboating in about 6 foot of water........ look at me and my V8 underwater........one engine stopped.............

the compressor had kicked in, swallowed the water, as the engine was on its new found pose of only 600rpm, the pump stalled, which subsequently stalled the engine...... and water found its way up the exhaust pipe!

Fortunately, one empty of the pots later, started first turn of the key.

Moral............. air intake as high as the snorkle if its open ended

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