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lift kits (again!)

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I know this topic will have come up many times but i don't want loads of tech answers, just basic stuff! i'm intent on lifting the 110 when we get it so i can fit bigger tyres without problems and give a bit more clearance, I was going to use the Britpart kit, which has springs, shocks, radius arms (F&R) and retainers.

do i need anything else with this kit?

We will be going off road plenty but mainly in dry conditions (we're based in Spain, loads of dry riverbeds and hills) and i don't think we'll need huge articulation (we're not rock crawling!) so as far as i know it's all in the kit.

i've heard about longer brake hoses, dislocation cones and longer propshafts but from what i've read on here, it's only when you go over two inches you get problems, though i have to say longer brake hoses makes sense...

so, is it all in the kit, apart from the hoses? or do you recommend other bits?

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I have a 110 double cab and i ran 33x12.50x15 with no arch mods on standard height, but on a 110 they have larger rear springs! i started with 8" mods but changed to 10s with -32mm offset (when it articulated it rubbed on the top spring mount). its now lifted and am looking to move to 35's. As for britpart ive never had any joy with it and neither have other people i know! its like everything you get what you pay for!! good luck

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You could save loads of cash and just fit some 265 75 16 bf goodrich mt tyres, you dont req all the lift kit. If you do fit a lift kit then along with the bits you would req dislocation cones as well as the hoses and wider wheels to go with even bigger tyres. you would have to have a 8 inch x 16 wheel with 33 12.50 tyres. It all depends on how much you can spend!!

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Hmm, so what kit did you use? i've been looking at a kit from devon 4x4, has everything but is twice the price and a bit higher, i don't mind forking out if it's worth it, but i thought britpart had a good reputation? not for competition or racing but for 'normal people' usage i thought they'd be ok?

and are the extended brake lines necessary?

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are you fittin it your self and coming back to the UK for the bits if so its also worth getting

new turrets (preferably galv tubular ones)

turret rings and nuts

as the turrets are usually rusted threw and the turret rings studs usually snap off too

spring and shock wise, i dont think the britpart shocks are too bad heard some good reports but the spring may not be the best ones as mentioned worth looking about

brake lines are a must because if you snap one an dont realise its bad news in a few pumps and a squirt


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yeah, we're back in the uk on tuesday, for 2 months, and yes i'll be fitting it myself, though my lady will probably help with the tea and biscuits!

obviousley cost is an issue but i'd rather pay a bit more and get a good setup rather than skimp and get a carp one, i was hoping to keep it under the 700 quid mark for everything, but the devon 4x4 kit is just over a grand, i could possibly stretch to that if it's REALLY worth it?

i know that kit over here in spain is massively expensive, so i'd rather do it all in one go and get everything i need while i'm at it.

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i'd try to avoid using the castor corrected radius arms if you can help it.

They knock the driveline angle away to hell and will start munching through UJ's

I have castor corrected arms on, and have done over 11000 miles with them on and not replaced one uj yet!. wouldnt be without them they make it drive like it used to before it was lifted!!

As for lift kits you know your own budget, but if you want quality you have to pay for it. everybody has different opinions so some times you have to do what you feel happy with.

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