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3dr Roof Rail Fittings...?


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Bought a set of 3dr roof rails of ebay a few weeks ago, the seller accidently forgot to include the roof to rail adaptors (shown in window 6 in picture)

He then removed them, and posted them 1st class, but unfortunately they have gone awol in transport...

I've now a set of bars that are usless without the adaptors and I've discovered that the only way to purcase them is to get it with an entire roof rail set and £300+vat...!!!


Anyone have a set of adaptors and bolts lying about, or know of a 3dr with rear damage that the rails are buckled beyond use but the roof adaptors are still intact...?

Or, anoyone got Microcat, can you look see if the 5dr use the same adaptor system, and if there is a part number...?

Anyone help, in any way...?


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