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White smoke after starting TD4

Don Don

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Hi all,

First time on this forum.

Sorry to start with a question but I have a problem with my 2001 TD4 which as I have to travel a few hundred miles soon I feel needs sorting now.

On starting I get a cloud of white smoke which carries on for approximately five miles and reoccurs when stationary at a junction for a couple of minutes. On pulling away I leave a smoke screen behind.

On subsequent starting ie engine still warm I again get white smoke. Seems a little short of power too.

Was serviced last week but not fuel filter.

have tried a search on here but nothing seems to match. Forgive me if I have missed another thread.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Thanks in anticipation.


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Hi Don,

White smoke is usually caused by poor combustion and is most common after cold start due to glow plug probs but as yours happens also when the engine is warm it won't be a glow plugs issue.

That leaves fuel contamination, coolant problems, injectors or low fuel pressure in the high pressure common rail.

As you don't mention hard starting or engine misfire when idling it is probably not a single injector failure.

Try cleaning the electrical connections: a. High pressure fuel sensor located at the battery end of the common rail.

b. High presssure regulator located just left of starter on back of HP pump.

I have taken Fuel pressure signal voltages from an identical engine which is operating normally:

High pressure sensor: voltmeter connected between blue/black cable and earth.

Ign 'on' engine off = 0.5v

Engine idling = 1.28v approx

3000rpm =1.96v approx

Take care when the engine is running.

Good luck.Dann..

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P.S. A new fuel filter is always worth a try as they cost little and often improve performance.D..

I'll second that, always the first port of call is the fuel filter. try the leak off pipes, makes sure they're not leaking,.......

Any sign of diesel leakage from the pump? I think air is getting into the pump and it could be the front seal.

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Hi all,

Thanks for your replies.

Since I originally posted I have changed the crankcase filter... makes you cough a bit at £26.....and this seems to have solved the problem!!

Seems to me after reading the threads on here that most things revolve around this very small and expensive component.

Again thanks.



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