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Defender 300Tdi EGR removal/blanking

A Twig

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Right, given that my speciality is electrickery, and not this oily engine stuff, can someone please outline very slowly and simply how I would go about doing such a thing. From what I've seen it's just a spanner job, no welding or such required...

I've looked around on various fora, and some say, "just put a blanking plate in, and bolt it back together."

Others say remove the whole thing, while still others say put a straight through pipe in.

All are agreed on cleaning the inlet manifold tho!

Pictures would be lovely for a mechanical simpleton like moi if poss.

Doing a lot of distance this summer so would like some performance/economy improvement!

Found this:


If I used this KIT would that be the easiest solution? My only question is the bloke on the guide seems to have replaced two pits of tube? Is that really necessary? I thought it was only the one that needed replacing (i.e. not the 90 degree one shown bottom right in his photos).

Alternatively if it's easier, if there's someone local (Bath/Bristol) who'd help me out to make sure I don't break anything, I'll gladly come over bringing biscuits/pizza/beer/whatever is popular these days.. :D

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he means copper slip copper type grease as used on the back of brake pads etc. You should find it at any motorparts stores. As for egr removal, I did mine recently. I made my own blanking plate and found some 2" ally tube to replace the top hose. It was a 10 min job, really not a difficult one. I left all of the electrikery as it was and all of the smaller pipes. All works fine. I dont see much of an improvment though. I would offer you to come to mine for a hand but I'm getting caravan ready for Welsh excursion next week. I'm sure you will be fine. If you do get really stuck, i'm sure we could work something out.

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