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Latest cd/radio unit

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I need some links or a copy of the manual for this cd/radio as fitted to the latest 'Puma' 90/110 XS models

it's part number is XQE500360 & the make/model number is Visteon ME-6H3303LR-02

I have the security code & have worked out how to load it :D but don't have any info on what functions all the buttons have to operate it, without blowing it to lots of teeny bits

can any of you fine guys & girls help ?

got no sounds in my truck till I get this sorted & fitted :(


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Cos the LR site only goes up to 2005 & isn't for the unit I have, which is fitted to the 2007 & later vehicles, couldn't find the right pages on the other info link.

if you meant your .pdf files, I have printed them & Thank you very much for your help :D

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Thanks for sharing these pages from the manual. I just bought this radio to build it in my 2004 Td5 110. I don't use cassetss anymore ;-). I think the radio is also prepared to connect to a handsfree car telephone kit. Any idea what the exact functions of each of the contacts of the 3 rear connectors are (besides the standard power, ignition, and loudspeaker connections)?

Help appreciated


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Hi, I am also interested in the XQE500550 radio (Aux in front), does anyone know if this also has aux input in the back?

I want a radio for my defender that is simple to use (I have a Becker one at the moment ant it's a nightmare) and does not look as ghastly as all the current aftermarket crop, but I would like aux in the back for iPod etc. The LR iPod kit is via FM aerial connection, bit of a cop out... I would ratehr find an AUX kit to hardwire... (Dension or Dice).



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