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BLACK poly bush kits?


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I am building a D90 and yellow/orange/red would look totally out of character, trying to keep the client happy, does anyone know of a black polybush kit on the market? THANKS

You can get some other colours

Ironman are yellow , and you can get red polybush ones and there is a company who were at Gaydon last year that do orange ones

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I've got some deflex black bushes fitted to my 110, can't really say I notice any difference good or bad over standard. It doesn't get used massively though so I've no Idea how durable they are. I like the idea of being able to field change them next time though. <_<

If i was doing it again though I would probably fit superpro as mentioned on here a fair bit, at least they will be easy to get off now.

Think i got the deflex from famous four a good while back


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