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lazy 200tdi?


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Hi there, first post-just bought myself an old disco to knock about in, its clumsy,clunky,leaky and battered...and i love it :lol:

apart from leaking like a seive and the crunchy second gear,its in not to bad a shape chasis wise.

ive just come from an e36 325,and i know the disco isnt the fastest thing on four wheels,but i feel its a little sluggish and doesnt seem to want to rev past 3500k...as the rev counter goes to 6k i was wondering if this is normal? the turbo seems ok as i can hear it spooling up around 2.5k... air filter on order as its a bit gunky..and plan to clear the sedimenter in the next couple of days and have changed the fuel filter...any ideas welcomed :P

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If you get 6k from a Tdi it will most likely be on a bad downchange and be swiftly followed by a loud bang :)

Rev limit on a Tdi is around 4500 but your ears will start to bleed over about 3500 and all you get is more noise. A dirty air filter and blocked fuel filter and/or sedimentor won't help matters though, so you are going the right way at the moment.

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Its a landrover! - it is meant to clonk and make strange noises!

Your old Beemer has nice tight rubber cushioned drive joints, and precision engineering on all the drive components - Your Disco has twice as many props, diffs and half shafts, and lots of places for slop to develop in the gearbox - time to worry is when it stops clonking!



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