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TD5 Buying Advice


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Thought this would be a search-the-forum job, but I couldn't find any existing threads.

My 300TDi Discovery has reached the end of the line (marginal failure to pass an MOT... :mellow: ). I want to replace it with something a bit newer (we're still talking a few years old), and the obvious candidates from the LR fold are either a P38 or a Discovery 2.

What to look for when buying a P38 has been done to death in the Range Rover forum - but what are the nasties to be aware of on Discovery 2s? It'd most likely be a TD5, not sure about transmission - quite like automatics in Land Rovers, but I'm open to persuasion and/or what I can get!

I have concerns about the black box electronics on both... :(

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Had mine for nearly 4 years now and the only thing that's gone wrong is the fuel pressure regulator. Relatively easy fix with Les's guide and a small pair of hands........I took mine to a garage!! Chubby digits!

Mine is manual and I find it a little frustrating at times. Definitely could do with a 6th gear and maybe a longer 1st, but I'll see what happens once IRB Developments have 'done their thing'... If buying again, I would definitely go for an auto.

Oil in the injector harnesses is a common problem - again, there is a thread and loads of information on here. I believe the new harness/loom isn't too expensive and you'll need a new rocker cover gasket to go with it.

The rear door leaks - but you'll be used to that having owned Discoveries before!!

Underseal was non existant on most of the chassis, so mine looks a little tired, but is more than solid still.

You do hear of some horror stories, but so far, mine's behaved for 58k miles on an 02 plate. It is almost a base model, though, so not much luxury or electrickery to go wrong.

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There are some D2 buying advice threads you may want to read:









Common problems:

- Td5 engine: oil in the injector/engine harness, oil pump bolt coming loose, fuel regulator leaks and needs to be replaced every 4-6 years, injector fuel seals and injector washers, porous fuel rail in the cylinder head (on later models), turbo has a shorter life than on Tdis, maybe some nagging issues with the turbo wastegate modulator or related

- gearbox and TB same as on Tdis, maybe a tad better - mind the lack of center diff lock (CDL) on most of them (although they might have the internals in the TB)

- ABS/TC/HDC - "the three amigos"

- air suspension

- fuel pump in the tank

All these problems have been covered on the forum if you want to read more about them.

Then there are the 'normal' issues with a LR: sunroofs, electric windows etc - not really a problem for those who love LRs.

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Add to that leaking/failing ACE systems,leaking sunroof's,dead door latches,window regs,snapped off keys/failed ign switches,failing throttle pots,delaminating boost hoses,head gaskets,looms wearing through on the engine,wiring faults because of the water leaks and I'll stop at faulty SLABS ecu's or I'll end up going on all night.

They have lots of faults,but then they all come to me when they go wrong - thats what I do,rarely am I short of work. :P

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Thanks - they're starting to sound an even worse bet than a P83a :blink:

Also starting to think I'm stretching my budget (about £2000) to get anything worth having, but we'll see.

Traitorously looked around some other marque forums to see what I'd be letting myself in for if I decided the grass was greener. Buying advice on the Frontera forums? Petrol engines can be a bit fragile, that's about it! Me thinks LR are still well behind the curve...

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