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warn m8000 any good?

Guest noggy AKA Mortus

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Just wondering how good a warn m8000 is for a general greenlaning and play day winch.

For the way that you want to use it, the winch will pleasantly surprise you.

I have one and it's never let me down. One note though, keep an eye on the contacts they seem to gather some rust over time where a cleaning will be in order, especially on the ground wire.


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Land Rover fitted an M8000 to my nas when they owned it. It was fitted under the standard LR bumper with a bit chunk of bumper cut-out which made the bumper worse than a chocolate poker.................

The winch mounted low down got all the carp and needed claeaning after every outing.

The drum was impossible to see for spooling cable back-on.

In exasperation I fitted a Southdown winch bumper to bring the winch up and easier to use but being electric it still failed on numerous occasions. I gave the damn thing away 8 years ago, fitted a Milemarker hydraulic, changed the drive belt once, never taken the winch off to clean / maintain, I know it will work every time so unlike a M8000 I do not need to test it before pulling-out the cable.

What no-one above has said, electric for the casual user is rubbish, you need the speed from electric for competition and comps boys know that they have to clean and fettle between comps........................

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I have one under the back of mine. Replace the motor with a 4.6 hp one and a set of allbrites and it'll work well, but be aware that in standard set up the motors are not sealed so fill up with muddy water and corrode.

Mine works well, but my only realy complaint with them is that the drum isnt big enough. 100ft of 8mm wire rope is really too much. I ran mine with 80ft for a long time, but have now gone over to Dyneema, but run even less on that! If its not a striaght pull the cable all bunches up on one side and can eventually jam up completely.

as someone said - buy one 2nd hand. I think I paid about £40 for mine as it was very very poorly!


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Have to agree with what Ali said above.

I bought mine second hand probably 15 years ago for just £200. It had been fitted to a Hilux previously, and before that a Lada Niva for many years. How many Chinese winches would have lasted that long?

I mostly use it as you are planning, the odd bit of laning and play days. It has performed perfectly well since I replaced the drum brake clutch bearings when I first got it. It's such an early model that Warn no longer held spares of this part. However my local bearing supplier was able to help out, just a standard of-the-shelf bearing to them :P

Two things I'll recommend to ensure it works when you want it to - fit an Albright solenoid, the standard ones (four of 'em) don't like infrequent use and WILL let you down. Four Warn solenoids cost a lot more than one (you only need one) Albright.

Secondly, if you do give it a good dunking at a play day it's worth pulling the whole thing apart once in a while for a good clean out, 'cos as nas90 says, it's not at all waterproof. They are very easy winches to work on.

There are few things that you can abuse off road and expect to fit and forget about, hopefully you would still maintain/service the rest of your Landy, so why not spare your winch some thought?

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