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should i order new pads, and vented disc?

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my current pads are hardly worn but should i still change them when i put new disc's on?, and is it worth bothering with vented disc's. i dont do much road miles, trucks built more for off roading..

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As Western says - stick with the solids, vented discs are vented to get rid of heat when braking hard at a decent speed, off road they will never be turning quickly enough to be effective and if they're full of mud they're no longer vented anyway.

Always good practice to replace discs and pads at the same time, however it depends how unevenly the old discs are worn, if the pad surface is still fairly flat it should quickly conform to the new disc surface.

EDIT; just noticed, thats my 100th post! do I get a gold star or a badge? :P

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