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DiscoII ABS Electrical Earth Diagnosis document


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Hi everyone....

I remember reading about an offical document by LR on how to diagnose and repair the Earth Path of the ABS system.

Something about checking the earth points in various locations (like by the air filter box).

Now that I've the car in pieces for a bit of maintenance, I'd like to check what was in the list of things to check.

Can anyone enlighten me as to its whereabouts... ?




1999 TD5 - 250,000Km, still looking new, still pulling like new...

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That was indeed quite en-light-ening :P , but you forgot the where-abouts....

So here are some round-abouts... not quite what Im looking for either :rolleyes:

From Rave, I've cleaned C0018 but cant find C0562, the place under the bonnet somewhere where the Shuttle Value is earthed.

Can anyone tell me where this earth-point actually is ?


The Magic Round-about in Swindon, UK

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