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5 amp diagnostic fuse


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I have been told that working on the air suspension of a P38 with a door open when using a diagnostic tool will sometimes blow the 5 amp diagnostic fuse, can anyone tell me where this fuse is located as it is in neither of the fuse boxes. Any information gratefully received.

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I'm not convinced that the reason for your request is valid, perhaps it depends on the diagnostic tool, but putting that to one side....

You are looking for the fuse that feeds power to the Data Link Connector.

I know people will give it all sorts of names, your Diagnostic Link, or OBD2, or OBD II, but Data Link Connector is the Land Rover description, as far as the 38A is concerned.

Knowing the words means that you can look in the RAVE ETM Circuits section for Data Link Connector (Section D3), which shows Fuse 33 is the one you 'might' blow, and that the DLC is also called C231.

ETM Section Y2 (Fuses) shows F33 does not serve any other circuit.

The ETM Connectors section for C231 gives the pin layout.

If you have to clean corrosion off the pins of the connector you may blow this fuse, as the power is on pin 16, with Earths on pins 4 and 5.


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