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Error code P1715 - what does it mean and what does it cost?


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I am getting interested in a 96 Range Rover. Was told by the present owner that the only thing wrong w/ the the vehicle is that once every other day he gets a "P1715" message. Did a bit of research and found a reference to a "SSB inductive signature malfunction". Could someone kindly tell me what this means and what the potential solution is? (And what the parts cost to solve this issue?)

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It's full title is "Shift Solenoid B Inductive Signature Malfunction".

The autobox has two solenoids for gear shift selection.

First I'd check that you don't have a dirty connector and this is giving a high resistance and causing the fault.

A good LR garage should be able to change a shift solenoid if that proves to be the problem.

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